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How to Use Instagram to Your Advantage as A Hairstylist

Use Social Media to Market Your Salon Business at Minimal Cost

You want to start a business? Lucky you. The cost of entrepreneurship is likely at its lowest ever in modern history. And if you’re interested in getting something started as a hairstylist, you’re in even better shape to succeed. A #socialmedia campaign doesn’t generate success without consistency, creativity and strategy. Click To Tweet Let’s assume […]

Free Guide: How to Use Booth Rental to Boost Your Income & Free Your Time

How to Create a Hairstylist Portfolio on a Tight Budget

In the styling business, looks are everything. Absolutely everything. And guess what? You won’t be able to attract new clients unless you’re showing off your stuff. That’s where a portfolio can work to your advantage. And a social media strategy to make sure your portfolio is getting seen. But it doesn’t have to cost you […]

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