The Colorist Feature: Simplifying & Upgrading Your Beauty Business Through Tech

As an independent hairstylist, we estimate you’ll typically manage 250 or more repeat clients, depending on the maturity of your business. Managing so many relationships can eat up time left for administrative and operational tasks (not to mention “me” time). But it shouldn’t.

After all, the point of going solo is to gain more freedom & money with less effort, right?

Well, then the processes and tools you choose to run your business should support that goal, even taking many tasks off your hands entirely. And with new tech advancements available to you, there’s no excuse to suffer through scores of business functions you could put on autopilot instead.

Recognizing that need, The Colorist featured Stylie as a way for independent beauty pros to streamline routine processes and run a more efficient business. See page 44. (Thanks, Colorist!)

The Colorist Feature: Simplifying & Upgrading Your Solo Business Through Tech

Stylie capabilities highlighted by The Colorist included:

  • Inventory management
  • Easy online scheduling
  • Automated marketing campaigns
  • Point-of-sale management
  • Credit card processing (and at a low rate!)
  • Client profile/preferences management
  • Automated receipts
  • Appointment reminders
  • Thank-you messages

And, may we add, accurate bookkeeping as tax season approaches? Who doesn’t want easier tax reporting? But we digress.

It turns out independent beauty pros are upgrading their technology en masse this year. To that end, we reviewed a handful of leading industry publications to see what your peers and competitors are doing with technology in 2017.

We found the following, top recurring themes:

  • Personalized engagement: Segmenting and automating client communications so they’re highly personalized and relevant to individual clients. Plus, the ability to wow a client by recalling their history, preferences and formulas even before they walk in the door.
  • Easy, anywhere/anytime access: Constant connectivity, with the ability to access business and client information from any web-enabled device, anytime.
  • Fewer phone calls & no-shows: More confirmed appointments with far less effort, made possible by online scheduling, automated reminders and concierge functions.

Here’s to our entrepreneur hairstylists out there! #beyourownboss

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Thoughts to Ponder:

How are you using tech tools to upgrade and simplify your business this year? What one tech tweak can free up your time or strengthen client relationships on a recurring basis? And what’s keeping you from it?

It’s 2017, stylists! Use technology to your advantage.

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