“There Is A Process In Everything.”

Mastering the Process of a Great Haircut

This is a guest blog by DaShay Johnson (@dashay_art)

Is there such a thing as a bad haircut? Most people who create bad haircuts, really do not take the time to finish it. Being in the hair industry for the last 20 years. I have learned so many different things. My name is DaShay Johnson and I am a salon owner and a Clipper Cut educator. From my experience, a lot of people get lost in their haircuts. They start off motivated, believing they are going to create a great haircut. But halfway in, the motivation starts to fade away and fear sets in. What do I do, you asked yourself! The answer is, “Don’t Stop” until you get the desired look.

To me cutting hair is like remodeling a kitchen. Say, a customer walks in and they are unhappy about the way their hair is looking. Well, it’s like walking into your kitchen and feeling like it needs to be remodeled.

First you need to have an image of the desired look you’re going for. Next you start tearing things down. Well, in a haircut you start taking out weight and removing bulk. Then you start putting in your guidelines. That’s like determining your layout of the kitchen. Then you move into blending your guidelines out. On most hair cuts, people forget to add the finishing touches. That’s like wiping everything down and spraying Febreze. (Haha) Some of my finishing touches consist of blow drying and adding product. And making sure that the client has sharp clean lines.

Having this thought process will help bring increase to your bottom line.

DaShay Johnson, or @dashay_art on Instagram, is a licensed Cosmetologist, graduate of Roger’s Hair Academy, founder of DaShays Haircuts and Salon and co-founder of Diverse Salon Hair Designs. In 2013 he launched DaShay’s Clipper Cutting Education and Training Workshops to help hairstylists in the art of clipper cutting techniques. To contact DaShay visit his website at dashayart.com

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