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If you have been to the movies lately, picked up a magazine, scrolled through your social media feed, or done anything besides living under a rock for the past few months, you have probably heard the buzz about the movie “The Greatest Showman”. This movie has taken audiences by storm through an entertaining story, great acting and phenomenal music (I pretty much had it playing on a loop all month!). There is no doubt that I got swept up in the hype! But, it wasn’t just the movie that held me captive!

Leading up to the movie’s release, the studio released videos that gave you an up close, personal look at what it took to bring the movie together.

In many of the videos, you see the cast in rehearsals, in a simple room, no costumes, no makeup and dressed in only t-shirts and sweats. A setting you could see yourself sitting in. As the songs start, you slowly see the emotion build and the volume rise as some are moved to tears, and others can’t help but rise to their feet (sometimes standing on their chairs), knowing that they were taking part in something great (If you haven’t seen this, google it…you’ll love it).

The movie itself followed a similar theme. A group of individuals, who at first are all on their own, living life by themselves. Through common struggles and trials (and P.T. Barnum bringing them together 🙂 ) they find themselves rallying around each other to make something great. Something bigger than themselves. I think this is something that can resonate with all of us.

How often do you watch the news and see stories where a community band together to help a family in need, or a school that unites around a student who has been bullied to help him or her rise above their tormentors. We feel moved, inspired and spurred into action because we know that there is something about people coming together that allows great things to happen, things bigger than ourselves.

So. what does that mean for us?

Well, here we are, each on our own journey.  Probably with similar goals but also facing similar struggles. I think we all want to be part of something big and make this year a truly great year. That could be investing more into your clients and making a difference in their lives. That could be pushing yourself to be an even greater beauty pro by increasing your client base or learning advanced techniques. Maybe you want to start sharing your passion with others and make the step into education.

The number one way to make this happen, to make it the best year yet, is to decide this is what you want. Because with decisions come actions!

But there is no reason to take this journey alone.  So, why not join together to help each other reach our goals and perhaps be part of something bigger than ourselves. We will set up each next step and take them together!

We want this to be OUR YEAR. Our year to grow, our year to try new things, our year to share each other’s success, and our year to take on each other’s struggles. By coming together, each from our own paths and journey, we can make this year OUR YEAR!

So the question is… are you in?

Comment below or share on Instagram that you are ready to take that step! Tag us and use hashtag #thisisouryear to let us know you’re in!

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Deb Hudson

Deb Hudson

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