5 Time Management Tips to Keep Hairstylists on Point

Managing your time as a stylist can be difficult. Everyone has different priorities and responsibilities. While there’s no single time-management plan that is a perfect fit for every stylist, there are some tried and true skills that will take away some of that difficulty making you more efficient, and your time more enjoyable.

It’s easy to write a list of your plans for any given day. The next step is to determine if your plan is realistic; that you will be able to follow through and implement your day’s plans. According to Arnold Zegarelli, director of education at Izazzu Salon, Spa & Serata in Pittsburgh, the key is to use your time effectively by planning and prioritizing.

Planning and Implementation
A comprehensive time-management plan will not focus solely on your work-day schedule. It should also include your time outside of work. It’s important to keep your clients happy, but your own happiness is important too. Planning your whole day will enable you to fill your time with the most important tasks and fulfilling activities. One example of this is blocking off time for family or exercise when you know you won’t be working before planning the work hours in your day. You might begin to notice that you need to create more of a balance when are lacking time for those things.

Make It Manageable
Take a big project and break it down into workable steps. Set aside a specific amount of time for each step. This takes away the stress of getting everything done at once and makes your big project more manageable.

Know Your Time
Know when you have more and less energy and focus. Then create your schedule around those times. Who knows better than you what times of the day you are most productive and energetic? If possible, schedule more taxing tasks for those times of day. Then set aside time to perform tasks that require less brain power for when you don’t have as much steam.

Be Adaptable
The longer you’ve been in the same schedule day in and day out, the easier it is to become comfortable in your routine. Familiarity isn’t always a bad thing, but it can hold you back. It’s important to find new ways to work with your schedule, making yourself more efficient, and balanced.

Learn to Say No
Sometimes, you have to do it. You have to say no to something or someone. Working extra hours a majority of your days can lead to burning out in a short amount of time. This can lead to sloppy work, among other things. You come first. If your workload is too heavy, or you’re finding yourself lacking time to do the things you enjoy, it’s likely time to say, “No” to someone.

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Michelle Guetersloh

Michelle Guetersloh

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