Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore From Celebrity Hairstylists

For most of us in the industry, a gig as a celebrity hairstylist is the pinnacle of success — at least by most definitions. We scoured the internet for you (so you can keep on running your independent beauty business), to bring you some of the best advice from the best of the best.

Take a look at what some of these celebrity hairstylists have to say about what it takes to be successful:

Train like a beast. Athletes do it. Musicians do to. And you need to do plenty of training if you expect to succeed in your field. That’s what Ted Gibson had to say to Teen Vogue about his own business, which includes styling the tresses of celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o, Ashley Green and Emma Watson. Apparently, there’s something to that. Be prepared to drop $1,500 for Gibson to cut your hair. 

Always say ‘Yes’ and save up. The stylist that handles the hair of Rihanna, Ursula Stephen, gave those two tips as a key to success. Keep saying “yes,” and open yourself up to opportunities outside of your chair because you never know where it will take you. By styling as a freelancer, Stephen was able to get exposure to other gigs — which led her to a career as a celebrity stylist. She also advises hair stylists to open a savings account and be diligent. “Save your money because the business is so flaky,” she told a writer for XOVain. “You can be hot one minute and not the next.”

Dream big. By now, you’re already probably thinking you’ll never be able to charge $200 for a haircut — let alone $1,500. Don’t go there. Celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh, who styles the heads of Gwyneth Paltrow, Miley Cyrus and Amanda Seyfried said the beauty of hairstyling is that you can succeed no matter your socioeconomic background. He advises stylists to exude a positive energy that make clients happy to sit down in your chair. And never take them for granted. “Be grateful when the phone rings,” he said in that same article by Teen Vogue.

Just start somewhere and show off your personality. Things may not be looking so glamorous from your standpoint, but keep at it. Jen Atkin, who grew up in a small town, took the plunge by moving to Los Angeles at the age of 19. No job was too small to get her on the path to her dream, so she started her career by answering phones at a salon. Now her client list includes Khloe Kardashian, Gwen Stefani, Sophia Vergara, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez. She took one step at a time, which included learning the business by serving as a manager and saving enough money to train at a school.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine, “The success of hairstylists is 30 percent talent and the rest is our personality. We’re in people’s homes, in their face, starting the day off with them,” she said. “If I were in their shoes, I’d want somebody who was trustworthy and somebody who had my back.”

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