Hey Stylists! Don’t Be Afraid to Upsell Services

Face it. You only have so many hours in a day. And only so many clients that can fit into your schedule. But yet you want to increase your income. Don’­t run the risk of ticking off all your clients by overbooking, trying to squeeze more of them into your timeslots.

You can boost your income by upselling products and services to the loyal clients you already have — and even making them happier.

Here’s how you do it.

Recommend similar services. The easiest — or least intimidating — way to start upselling is recommending services that are similar to ones clients are already getting. For example, a client who normally comes in for regular highlight touch-ups may be interested in a highlight-lowlight combination. A client who gets a trim every six months could benefit from a regular treatment that prevents split ends. Just think about each client. You’ll come up with a few ideas in no time.

Offer other services. You should also recommend services that aren’t requested as often, such as eyebrow waxing, manicures, pedicures and massages. Even if clients don’t come in for similar services, suggesting less-used services gets the word out that you’re skilled in those areas. The reason these services aren’t as popular could be because clients don’t realize you offer them.

Sell products. And if you don’t offer other types of services, try introducing hair, skin care and other beauty products that could save them a trip to the store. Every aspect of your services can be tied back to a product. No matter what service a client walks in for, recommend a product that complements the service or improves her beauty routine.

Upselling can be uncomfortable for those who aren’t used to the sales aspect of hairstyling. Once you get used to it and see increased income, you’ll learn how valuable upselling can be for your business.

Having a reliable method of organizing your appointments and products is key to knowing what to upsell and who to upsell it to. Stylie is an online tool that allows you to keep track of products and upsell opportunities, as well as marketing and point-of-sale transactions. To see how Stylie can give your booth a boost, request a free 30-day trial today.

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Michelle Guetersloh

Michelle Guetersloh

Hairstylist Consultant at Michelle My Stylist
For some, hairstyling’s a job. For others, it’s a passion: an innate gift that lights them up and drives them to outperform and overdeliver. Michelle G. is definitely the latter.

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