Use LinkedIn to Market Your Salon Business

If you believe in the power of social media to market your salon business (which you should), you more than likely have a presence on Facebook and Instagram. And you may have gone a step further with Twitter and Pinterest.

There’s another one you should consider if you haven’t already. It’s LinkedIn. Yes, LinkedIn. Many people have the assumption that LinkedIn is primarily reserved for the suit crowd — managers, sales reps, tech gurus … you get the picture. But it’s also a great way to get your name out there. Just remember to be wise about what you post. Since it is a professional platform, you should probably avoid posting about celebrity hairstyles.

Here are some tips on how to make LinkedIn work.

MGet recommendations: According to a survey conducted by Dimensional Research, 86% of US consumers are influenced by recommendations. With LinkedIn you can request recommendations from your clients, and the best clients will simply go to your LinkedIn page and give you positive recommendations without you even asking. Recommendations can be seen on business pages and personal pages, which means everyone in your network can see them. This gives you more exposure and validation.

Save time by using LinkedIn Pulse: Generating high-quality content for your LinkedIn page and other social media accounts can take up a lot of your time. This makes it difficult to post often. So, make the most of every post. Post relevant content, like “How to Be Professional But Maintain Your Individual Style,” “Best Hairstyles for Sales Reps” or “Is Pink Hair Dye OK for the Office?” To research and post what your target audience needs, join groups where they are active. Find their pain points and top concerns and create posts directed towards those. This will help lessen the amount of time you spend coming up with ideas.

Get more exposure by tagging connections: You can include tags to your connections in your LinkedIn posts. By doing this, your connection is alerted on LinkedIn and by email that you have tagged them in your post. To do this, type, “@” (without the quotes) and then your connection’s name. This is a strategy you don’t want to overuse. If you post something relevant to your connection, that’s when you want to tag them. If you’re tagging connections for exposure only and not because you think they will be interested in what you’ve tagged them in, you could find them leaving you out of their network for taking advantage of them.

Use advanced marketing apps: Another option provided by LinkedIn is the use on your personal page or business page of advanced applications. These can aid in creating awareness of your brand, up your business level, widen your network and more. There are many apps to choose from, but if you’re just getting into LinkedIn marketing for your salon business, check them out and find one or two to try first and then step up your game as you become more used to them.

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