How to Style a Waterfall Braid

In this video, Michelle G. (a consultant for Stylie) works with the adorable Sadie to show you how to master the mystical waterfall braid.

Here how to get this unique look:

  • First start with a deep part on the side of your head where your hair parts most naturally. The part should go from the top of your head to right behind your ear.
  • After you take that section, begin as if you were going to start a regular braid. So divide this first section into three equal parts of hair and begin the braid.
  • Here’s where it gets interesting… Once you’ve made your first cross with the braid technique, you’re going to leave the bottom section of hair hanging every time you make a pass with the braid. So (1) cross the braid, (2) leave the bottom section hanging and then (3), take a new piece of hair from beneath the hanging section – this new piece of hair becomes the third hair section in your braid. Be sure to watch the tutorial for the exact motion of this technique.
  • Keep repeating this process until you reach the other side of the head.
  • Once you are at the other side of the head, sometimes it’s nice to start a French braid and gather more hair to clean up the look. Then you can either secure a ponytail or you can braid the section all the way to the end and let it hang down.

This look is great for any age. For our young friends, it’s an adorable style that they will love to show off to their friends. And for our adult ladies, it is a lovely look for any summertime event. So there you go, #BeautyKOs! Good luck.

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