What to do When You Have a Cold

Despite our super styling strength, hairstylists are still human… which means that occasionally, we will get sick and catch a cold. And because we literally work so closely with our clients, there are certain precautions we must take and polite gestures we must make in order to keep our germs to ourselves and keep our clients happy.

In this video, professional hairstylist Michelle G. explains the best-practices that she follows with regard to her clients whenever she comes down with something.

Some quick rules to follow when you’re sick and working with clients:

  • If you know you’re sick, always call your clients to let them know ahead of time. Politely tell them that you have a cold and that you’re happy to keep their appointment, but that you would completely understand if they would rather reschedule. And be sure to apologize for the inconvenience.
  • For the clients who keep their appointments, always be conscious of your hand-to-mouth movement. Keep your hands away from your face and – if you touch your face by accident – immediately wash your hands!
  • Keep a bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer at your station, so you can use it frequently, just to be sure you keep your germs at bay. 🙂
  • If you have to cough, be sure to cough away from your clients, preferably into your elbow or towards the ground.

These are some straight-up tips, but they will keep your clients healthy, happy and coming back for more hair appointments!

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Michelle Guetersloh

Michelle Guetersloh

Hairstylist Consultant at Michelle My Stylist
For some, hairstyling’s a job. For others, it’s a passion: an innate gift that lights them up and drives them to outperform and overdeliver. Michelle G. is definitely the latter.

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