What to do When Hair Color Goes Wonky

Michelle G. – a consultant for Stylie – has had her fair share of hair conundrums while working with clients. But the key to her success can be found in the way she handles each dilemma, always staying calm and communicating with the client, working to gracefully solve each problem. She tells us a story of one of those moments, when the color of her client’s hair actually turned blue:

“I had a client, Jody… she had changed her thyroid medication [and didn’t mention that to me], because why would you tell your hairstylist that?” Michelle explains that color can sometimes interact with your hair in weird ways because it’s a part of your body. Thus, sometimes it reacts with a change in your body chemistry and does something unexpected.

“So we put on her blonde formula. She’s pretty light, almost platinum, and we’ve been using the same formula on her for about three or four years. It always came out beautiful. But we put it on her hair and it came out BLUE! Like BLUE-BLUE!” says Michelle.

Instead of panicking (which would only make Jody panic and worsen the situation), Michelle stayed calm and continued to the toner process. Since Michelle is a professional, she knew something about the body and how it can sometimes react to color, so she had confidence that the toner would resolve the issue. “The toner sat there for about five to ten minutes, and everything came out fine and her hair ended up beautiful,” says Michelle.

If you’re ever in this (or a similar) situation, here are two key tips to handling it:

  • First and foremost, stay calm. You are a professional and you know what you’re doing. You’ve GOT this! If you stay calm, your mind can more quickly think of a solution and resolve what’s gone wrong.
  • Be sure to address it with the client. Let them know what’s going on, keep open communication, and they will appreciate your honesty. Plus, if you show them that you are confident and that you know you can fix the mistake, they will be reassured.

So remember, #BeautyKOs… When you stay calm, address the situation with confidence, and find a solution, your clients are bound to stick around!

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