The Ultimate Tool for Independent Beauty Professionals

Stylie One app is a seamless point of sale (POS) solution for independent beauty professionals. The app allows you to easily manage your business so you can focus on what you do best: making your clients feel and look beautiful.

From online scheduling to automated marketing campaigns to inventory management, Stylie offers a variety of features for you to keep your beauty business organized and growing.

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Tired of texting back and forth to find a time that works for both you and your client?

With our online calendar, it makes it easy for your clients to schedule appointments online and for you to manage your schedule. You have complete control over when they can schedule appointments, and it syncs with your calendar so you know what your schedule looks like in real time. Plus, you can do it on any device, anywhere.


Ugh, bookkeeping. We’re guessing that’s probably not your favorite part of your job.

With over 25 years of point of sale experience, we’ve developed a completely integrated software that makes it easy for you to manage and grow your business. Credit card processing, billing, expenses, inventory management, and more. Plus, our reporting gives you a full view of your business so you know where you stand.

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So many clients, so little time. It’s hard to remember everything about them.

We know your clients are important to you and that’s why we’ve dedicated a section of our software specifically for client notes so you can document what’s important. Keep track of kids’ and spouses’ names, birthdays, anniversaries, special events, etc., or you can use it to keep track of what colors and blades you’ve used for them.


Do you really want to manually send out email reminders and promos? We didn’t think so.

Our marketing and email automation tools make it easy for you automate reminders, communications, and promotions to your clients. Our solution can analyze consumer behavior so you can send targeted emails on the fly while providing extra value for your current and prospective clients.

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